The Age Appropriate Design Code to be introduced

Young person using the laptop

The Age Appropriate Design Code (the code) is aimed at protecting children in the digital world.

According to the ICO, one in five UK internet users are children, and says a survey it conducted into people’s biggest data protection concerns ranked children’s privacy second only to cyber security. This mirrors similar sentiments in research by Ofcom and the London School of Economics.

The Age Appropriate Design Code is not a new law but it sets standards and explains how the GDPR applies in the context of children using digital services. Organisations will need to conform to the code and demonstrate that if their services use children’s data that will be done fairly and in compliance with data protection law.

The code has now been laid before Parliament. The ICO needs to put together an impact assessment on costs to business before the code completes its parliamentary passage. The ICO will also be publishing guidance for online service providers on how to implement the measures over the course of the 12 month transitional period before the Code comes into effect. 

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