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As the digital landscape shifts, cyber security is no longer merely ‘an IT issue’; it’s a strategic business imperative that requires attention at the highest levels of an organisation.

While the proposed Code of Conduct emphasises the importance of cyber security as a C-suite initiative, many organisations find themselves without a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and lack the technical expertise at board level to effectively address cyber security challenges.

NormCyber’s virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service provides organisations of all sizes with comprehensive cyber security leadership when its needed most.


Why choose a Virtual CISO?

The global cyber security workforce gap stands at more than four million people, with demand outpacing supply, making it difficult for organisations to secure effective cyber security personnel, especially when working within budget constraints.

Norm’s virtual CISO services are designed to bridge this gap, offering a tailored solution aligned to your organisation’s specific requirements. By connecting you with seasoned cyber security professionals and experienced CISOs, we ensure that your organisation benefits from unparalleled security expertise without the financial burden of a full-time executive hire.

Whether you need help setting strategic objectives to support critical technology needs, managing IT administration, strengthening existing teams, or establishing clear communication with the board of directors – our team of vCISO’s can help.

Empower True Cyber-Resilience from the Top

Our vCISOs are specialists in engaging and presenting to a range of senior executives and board members. With our Virtual CISO Advisory services, you can expect greater board engagement and enhanced cyber security leadership.

The Business Benefits of a vCISO

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Access to experienced CISO’s at a fraction of the cost

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Expert advice on prioritising technology investments

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Increased engagement from the Board


NormCyber vCISO services include:

Tick in box Setting or directing privacy and security policies, and procedures
Tick in box Managing information security teams
Tick in box Engaging with executive management
Tick in box Running risk assessments
Tick in box Providing threat intelligence and managing enterprise security
Tick in box Crisis management

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