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Purposeful Penetration Testing

Take strategic steps to improving your cyber resilience.

Tackle the technical risk head-on and confirm your organisation’s cyber security strengths and weaknesses with a premier CREST-Certified Penetration Testing Service.

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Penetration testing is an industry-recognised approach to identifying and quantifying risk, and an essential part of your cyber security programme. At norm., we take pride in offering top-tier CREST-certified penetration testing services designed to provide valuable insight into your cyber security posture and safeguard your business.

Our team of ethical hackers proactively attempt to uncover and exploit vulnerabilities within your organisation’s infrastructure, applications, workforce, and operational processes. We replicate the tactics employed by cyber criminals and hackers to ensure the highest level of scrutiny.

norm. goes beyond simply uncovering vulnerabilities; we provide valuable context and evaluation of your assessment, identifying and prioritising high-risk areas that require further testing and investment. But we don’t stop there. When you partner with norm., you’ll receive a complimentary penetration re-test of all Critical and High vulnerabilities to ensure that your security improvements are effective, and your defences remain robust.

Our CREST accredited Penetration Services

Web applications
Web Applications

Why choose norm. Penetration Testing?

Expect more from your penetration testing partner than a list of vulnerabilities. As one of the leading UK security testing companies, norm. provides actionable intel to power faster, effective remediations.

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CREST Security Experts

Our services meet the gold standard in the industry. You can trust that you’re getting a thorough and professional assessment.

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Comprehensive Evaluation

Our team of experts conduct in-depth testing of your systems, networks, and applications to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Remediation 1
Remediation Guidance

We don’t just find problems; we provide solutions and recommendations to strengthen your security starting with the most critical.

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Proven Track Record

norm.  has a history of helping organisations like yours fortify their cyber security defences.

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Tailored Security Solutions

Our services are tailored to your specific requirements, covering a wide range of assessments, including web applications, networks, and more.

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Competitive Pricing

norm. prices are highly competitive – without sacrificing quality.

The norm. Process



We begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your unique security concerns and requirements.



Our experts work closely with you to define the scope of the assessment, determining which areas need testing and when the test will be performed.



Our certified testers execute comprehensive assessments using the latest tools and techniques.


Report & Review

norm.’s Penetration Testing Team will provide you with a detailed report, including risk rankings and actionable recommendations to address vulnerabilities.


Support & Remediation

Should you need us, we’re with you every step of the way, helping you implement the recommended solutions to bolster your defences.



Within 90 days of the initial report, norm.’s Penetration Testing Team will provide a complimentary re-test on all ‘Critical’ and ‘High’ category vulnerabilities to ensure that they have been suitably addressed.

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