The Age Appropriate Design Code to come into force

Courtroom Gavel

The Age Appropriate Design Code (the “code”) created by the ICO has completed the Parliamentary process and will come into force on 2nd September 2020, with a 12-month transition period for online services to conform to the code.

The code lists 15 standards that organisations must meet, including to:

  • take into consideration the best interests of children
  • refrain from using children’s personal data in ways that are detrimental to their wellbeing, and
  • ensure that settings default to “high privacy.”


The Age Appropriate Design Code sets out the standards that online services must meet in order to protect children’s privacy. It applies to providers of information services likely to be accessed by children in the UK, including applications, programs, websites, social media platforms, messaging services, games, community environments and connected toys and devices, where these offerings involve the processing of personal data.

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