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EU Representation

Do you handle the data of individuals within the EU on a regular basis?

If you do, but do not have an office or other presence in the EU, it is now mandatory in law that you appoint an EU representative.

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UK Representation

Similarly, any organisation that regularly handles the personal data of individuals within the UK but does not have an office or other presence in the UK, must now appoint a UK representative.

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Our UK and EU representative service is provided by a lawyer-led team with in-depth experience of working with UK and EU regulators and advising on GDPR compliance.

What’s included ?

  • A point of contact to publish in your privacy policies
  • Liaison with relevant data protection authorities
  • Consistency with existing personal data processing and compliance activities
  • Maintenance of a record of processing activities (ROPA) as required by Article 30 of the UK & EU GDPR
  • Regular updates on relevant laws and developments
What is a UK/EU representative?

A UK representative is your organisation’s legal representative in the UK.

An EU representative is your organisation’s legal representative in the EU.

Your representative should be a data protection specialist.

Why choose norm.?

Our lawyer-led team has a wealth of experience in advising businesses and other organisations on compliance with the EU GDPR and UK data protection (privacy) laws across a wide spectrum of sectors/industries, including social care, healthcare, publishing, education, food and other manufacturing, retail, financial services, insurance, IT and pharmaceuticals.

How much does the service cost?

UK representative pricing:

0-49 staff – £1,000.00 per annum
50-499 staff – £1,500.00 per annum
500+ staff – £1,995.00 per annum

EU representation is priced on application.



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