Logistics companies and cyber security: The top five challenges

stack of boxes on trucks

Logistics companies have their work cut out when it comes to managing cyber risk as one of the most targeted industries by cyber attacks. The potential financial gains and opportunities to disrupt global supply chains not only encourage cybercriminals and hackers to try their luck but also mean that the ramifications of a successful cyber breach are extremely costly and affect a wide range of people and organisations.

Our latest guide identifies the five toughest challenges companies in the logistics sector must overcome if they are to successfully protect their business and its partners. These challenges include:

  1. Lack of visibility of networks, devices and vulnerabilities
  2. Ensuring the integrity of the rest of the supply chain
  3. Protecting against advanced cyber threats
  4. Resourcing and effective cyber defence
  5. Measuring the effectiveness of cyber security measures

It also includes sound industry insider advice on how to address these challenges efficiently and effectively. Keep the wheels rolling for your logistics business – download here.