Cyber Security for Higher Education

Higher Education, like many industries, is facing more advanced and persistent cyber threats. However, organisations in Higher Education need to take this threat more seriously than most because its not just money and company assets on the line, its people’s personal data. And not just staff but students.

Whilst this might sound daunting, the silver lining of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats is an increase in cyber security measures to counter them, smartbloc. is the managed service from norm. to help tackle the cyber threat in Higher Education.

Top three cyber problems facing the Higher Education industry

1. Lack of budgets

Many educational institutions have limited budgets and resources for cyber security measures, which can make it challenging to protect against threats effectively. Running security tools and implementing security protocols can be expensive, and smaller institutions may struggle to afford the necessary investments.

2. Data breaches

The average cost of a healthcare data breach is £8.18 million ($10.10 million) and the healthcare industry continues its reign as the number one cyber attack target. For 12 consecutive years. It’s clear that data breaches are one of the biggest challenges for the healthcare vertical. The emphasis is on proper device management and monitoring and encryption of sensitive data related to patients and their medication.

3. Safeguarding students

Educational institutions have a responsibility to safeguard students from harm, including online harm. However, this can be challenging when staff are not trained in online safety or when resources are limited. Additionally, with the rise of remote learning, it can be difficult to monitor online activity and protect students from potentially harmful content or interactions.


Introducing smartbloc.

Total business protection from norm.


smartbloc. puts you in total control of cyber risk, delivering ultimate peace of mind. It offers complete visibility and real-time monitoring of how well your people, process and technology measures are contributing to managing cyber risk.


Award-winning cyber security

smartbloc. was named the Best Managed Cyber Security Service at this year’s Computing Security Excellence awards. It also won the same category at the SC Awards in 2021.


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Our in-house Engineering Team will assist you with deployment and ensure the technology runs without a hitch.

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Customer Experience

A team dedicated to ensuring your service runs smoothly from deployment to invoicing.


Security Operations Centre

Our UK-based 24×7 SOC comes fully staffed with SOC Analysts with eyes-on-screen monitoring your network’s alarm system.


Focal Analyst

A named analyst from norm. that will help you understand service outputs and answer any technical queries

Last but definitely not least… we practice what we preach

norm. adheres to the highest information security standard whilst also gaining industry recognised accreditations to assure you that your organisation is in good hands.

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