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Perpetuum is a global leader in self-powered remote monitoring for railway and fleet management. Their award-winning wireless sensing technology provides commercial and time-sensitive, real-time data on equipment performance and condition to maximise safety and reliability; reducing down time and costs across the rail industry and beyond.

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The Challenge
With a global reach, Perpetuum’s network oversees sensitive intellectual property as well as the private information of its customers, employees and trading partners.

They were realistic about the changing risk profile caused by this network and saw the protection of sensitive customer data and intellectual property as a top business priority.

Although they’d already started on its cyber security journey, Perpetuum wanted to evaluate and revamp its existing security stack, recognising that a cyber and information security problem is not just a problem for IT, but the whole business.

After performing a Security Requirements Analysis with norm., Perpetuum realised that to address this effectively, they’d need to go beyond technology-led point solutions, which are difficult to maintain and rely on already stretched in-house resource to manage.

Perpetuum sought a partner who could provide expertise, and a service that not only covered all aspects of cyber and information security, but also didn’t rely on Perpetuum’s internal teams to manage.

Perpetuum chose norm.’s CSaaS solution because it provides a comprehensive holistic approach to their security challenges; covering not just technology, but also people and process.

It combines industry leading technologies from multiple vendors along with support to achieve government accreditations and deploy staff training.

The SOC – managed 24x7x365 by norm.’s expert, UK-based team – means Perpetuum no longer have to rely on internal resource for security. “CSaaS allows me to step away from multi-vendor management as the Security Operations Centre (SOC) coordinates all of the technology for me” comments David Vincent, Perpetuum’s CTO.

Analytics for the service are presented in an online visualiser, providing an aggregated view of the security risk for the business as a whole. From top level headlines, right down to granular detail, in each aspect of the service. 

In addition to the information displayed in the visualiser Perpetuum now can easily download reports, that are tailor made for the intended audience (Board, Management, Technical). “Every month I receive a one-page report that I can slide straight into the board pack for our monthly reviews” David adds.

Armed with CSaaS, and thanks to norm.’s 24x7x365 SOC, Perpetuum are now confident that its valuable IP and growing network are secure from advanced cyber-attacks and insider threats and can easily track and evidence this internally and to their clients, with the Visualiser and custom reports. “I can stop worrying about security and focus on core business functions” David remarks.

Now Perpetuum can continue its rapid growth without worrying about the implications its expansion might have for the company’s changing cyber risk profile.

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Winners of the prestigious European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI) Innovation Award for ‘Best SME’.

About Perpetuum
Founded in 2004, Perpetuum is a global leader in self-powered, remote monitoring.

The company’s innovative technology provides analytics for rail, advancing and transforming railway and fleet management, improving the efficiency, safety and quality of rail services, via self-powered wireless monitoring. With headquarters in the UK and satellite offices in the USA, Australia, and Germany the company sells directly to a global client base