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Managing cyber security is something of a dark art. If an organisation implemented all the measures of an effective cyber security strategy, then it will almost undoubtedly overload its current IT team with excessive alarms and vulnerabilities that all require analysis and action. Some of which, could require additional expertise that would traditionally extend beyond the scope and capability of your existing IT specialists.

Organisations are left with two options:

  1. Hire in cyber security expertise to form an internal cyber security function
  2. Outsource the management of cyber security to specialists.

Hiring in cyber security expertise quickly removes itself from the equation when costs start to rise; salaries, recruitment costs, benefits, the cost of building an in-house cyber security function can be three times more expensive than outsourcing to cyber security experts.

This leaves outsourcing to a managed cyber security service as the only option for mid-market organisations. Whilst this may at first seem daunting, the benefits do start to add up. As mentioned previously, outsourcing to a managed cyber security specialist can be up to a third of the cost of building and managing an in-house cyber security function. The vast quantity of data and alarms that is generated by a typical organisation is monitored proactively, on a full-time basis to identify potential malicious or suspicious activity, rather than reacting when the impact of the activity manifests itself and impacts the operations of the business. Not only this, but a true managed cyber security provider will be managing cyber security for multiple businesses, often with locations globally.  Therefore, the knowledge and experience that a managed cyber security provider has is much broader than an in-house analyst only looking at events affecting a single organisation.  This exposure to multiple events and global intelligence data can be utilised and leveraged to benefit your business. Most will offer 24×7 support as a minimum, allowing organisations the benefit of eyes-on-screen monitoring whilst the rest of the business is at home for the weekend, creating the peace of mind that an organisation wouldn’t otherwise have if managing an in-house team.

Take a look at our blog post for more on in-house versus outsourced cyber security.

Outsourcing cyber security isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a mid-market organisation, that prioritises security and doesn’t have the internal resource to implement and manage an effective cyber security strategy, then an outsourced solution could be for you. Simply fill in the form below to request your no-obligation demo of norm’s managed cyber security service, smartbloc.

Paul cragg

Written by Paul Cragg
Paul Cragg is CTO at norm. where he is responsible for the overall technological and systems functions of the business. He also oversees the deployment of norm.’s services as well as developing key commercial relationships. Paul plays a pivotal role in the ongoing development of cyber security and data protection services which deliver transparency and tangible value to norm’s growing client base.

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