Video: How to manage your cyber security strategy


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Watch our video to find out if a managed cyber security service could deliver the outcomes your business needs.

Your customers, investors and suppliers will soon be demanding that your cyber defences are as robust as their own, if they aren’t already. They will also stipulate that you demonstrate how you manage and contain cyber risk.

The point solutions of the past were fine for solving point problems, but they can’t give you visibility into your exposure to cyber risk across your organisation. Which means they can’t satisfy these requirements.

This video outlines what a modern cyber defence needs to provide, and explores how a service-based approach can deliver it.

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Paul Cragg

Written by Paul Cragg
Paul Cragg is CTO at norm. where he is responsible for the overall technological and systems functions of the business. He also oversees the deployment of norm.’s services as well as developing key commercial relationships. Paul plays a pivotal role in the ongoing development of cyber security and data protection services which deliver transparency and tangible value to norm’s growing client base.