Unsolicited marketing messages result in £100,000 fine

Mail notification on i-phone

The ICO has issued a fine of £100,000 against a company, Koypo for sending unsolicited marketing messages to subscribers without their consent.

Koypo is described by the ICO as a ‘lead generator that utilises click to lead conversion systems to supply third parties with data leads obtained via its websites’.

The ICO concluded that Koypo engaged in ‘hosted marketing’ – which essentially meant that Koypo was the instigator, but not the actual sender, of unsolicited marketing messages to people who had not consented to receive those emails.


This is yet another example of the ICO (and other regulators) cracking down on companies involved in complicated marketing activities which are unlawful because they ignore the basic requirement that consent must first be obtained, and they do not have a legitimate business interest.

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