SolarWinds software identified as origin of FireEye breach

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FireEye identifies SolarWinds software supply chain compromise as origin of breach.

On December 8th cyber security company FireEye revealed that it had become the victim of a highly sophisticated cyber attack which had resulted in the compromise of some of its Red Team penetration testing tools. The subsequent investigation has now revealed that that the breach occurred as a result of a software supply chain compromise dating back to Spring 2020.

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FireEye has now disclosed that the compromise was delivered through malicious updates to the widely-used Orion network monitoring product developed by SolarWinds. Consistent with its initial findings, FireEye has stated that “The campaign demonstrates top-tier operational tradecraft and resourcing consistent with state-sponsored threat actors.”

It has emerged that FireEye is one of a number of public and private sector organisations affected by the breach, and in addition to updating its own products to detect the malicious SolarWinds update, the company is continuing to scan for Indicators of Compromise amongst the wider community and is contacting impacted organisations.

Customers of norm.‘s managed Endpoint Detection and Response service, which is built upon FireEye’s industry-leading Endpoint Detection and Response software, are already fully protected against both the malicious SolarWinds update and the potential use of the Red Team penetration tools that were stolen as part of the FireEye breach.

Organisations that do not currently subscribe to norm.’s CSaaS solution are advised to deploy the relevant patches, updates and countermeasures as a priority, or to contact their ICT or managed service provider to ensure that appropriate action has been taken on their behalf.

For more information on how to protect your organisation, please refer to:
FireEye’s GitHub for SUNBURST countermeasures
SolarWinds Security Advisory

If your organisation needs further assistance in defending against this and other cyber attacks, please contact us here.