Creating a cyber awareness culture


How to reduce operational risk by creating a cyber awareness culture

Watch Neil Clark, COO of MainSpring Fund Services, and experts from norm. and CybSafe to learn how a cyber aware workforce reduces the financial, operational and reputational risks related to a security breach.

Your employees are the single most effective defence against cyber security and personal data breaches. Hear how MainSpring Fund Services, a norm. customer, is using cyber safety and awareness initiatives to safeguard its employees, customers and operational resilience.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Why the most successful businesses promote a cyber aware culture
  • How a cyber aware workforce protects your business and its customers from financial and operational risk
  • The most effective cyber safety training and awareness methods available today

Watch here:

If your organisation is looking to create its own cyber aware culture then look at how norm. and CybSafe can help with our Cyber Safety & Phishing Service.