GDPR & the security principle – a data protection webinar


GDPR & the security principle – A data protection webinar

GDPR & the security principle – not just a job for “the IT guys”

As the number of personal data breaches and size of fines imposed by the ICO continues to climb, many organisations are reassessing whether they are compliant with the GDPR.

There’s a common misconception that meeting the requirements of the GDPR is solely a matter of deploying the right cyber security defences. While technology forms part of the solution, it is far from the whole story.

The security principle set out by the GDPR requires organisations to implement both technical and organisational measures. This necessitates risk analysis and organisational policies in conjunction with comprehensive cyber security protection. During this webinar we will discuss what these technical and organisational measures entail, and how to ensure that you achieve and maintain compliance on an ongoing basis.

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