Video: How to measure the effectiveness of your cyber defenses


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Measuring the effectiveness of cyber security solutions is a difficult task – individual products may tell you how many pieces of malware have been quarantined or how many vulnerabilities have been patched but that doesn’t really tell us how well protected an organisation is.

It gets even trickier when you try to assess how the entire cyber security operation is performing – including training, processes and technology – and contributing to keeping cyber risk at a level your business can accept.

Many companies find themselves relying on one blunt metric – have I been breached yet? If the answer is no, it’s tough to build a business case for investing in further cyber security measures. If the answer is yes, the floodgates will probably open and purchase orders will be signed off in record time.

The problem is that neither scenario is particularly useful in identifying, managing and measuring cyber risk over time.

Watch our latest video to find out the three step process norm. uses to give its customers complete visibility into the effectiveness of their cyber security measures and enable them to improve their resiliency over time.

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Paul Cragg

Written by Paul Cragg
Paul Cragg is CTO at norm. where he is responsible for the overall technological and systems functions of the business. He also oversees the deployment of norm’s services as well as developing key commercial relationships. Paul plays a pivotal role in the ongoing development of cyber security and data protection services which deliver transparency and tangible value to norm’s growing client base.